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Someone photoshopped Aziz Ansari’s face onto these classic rap albums and it’s absolutely glorious.

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Photographer Dives Into the Strange, Subversive World of Bitcoin

A photo project about bitcoin is a terrible idea, because there’s so little to see. The currency is purely digital, and relatively few people use it. But that didn’t stop Los Angeles photographer Megan Millerfrom somehow bringing bitcoin to life in her photos.

“The idea came to me because I really just wanted to figure out bitcoin for myself,” Miller says.

Some of the first pictures she made are exactly what you’d expect if you know anything about bitcoin: stuff you can buy with bitcoin. For example, Miller met a pot dealer on Craigslist who accepts the currency and photographed his stash, but not his face.

“Basically at first the easiest thing to photograph was the stuff that people are purchasing with bitcoin,” she says.

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